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Carefully created & sourced by Johanna Richter, Lady of Wine & Wife.

We are very spoilt to live in a city with diversity being portrayed in many different ways and expressions.
This is something The LivingRoom’s philosophy embraces and reflects in wine, food, music & art.

As our main focus lies on sustainability and local produce, we want to support like-mindedness.
A lot of love and passion flows into what we do, therefore we focus on smaller wine makers and producers, that have the same passion and share our thoughts on sustainability or the ecological footprint they leave.

Whether you are a traditional or experimental wine drinker, we are confident you will find something suitable to your liking.



Johannes Richter, the head chef, was born in Germany but was raised in Durban. He enjoyed the privilege of training and gathering experience in some of the worlds best restaurants abroad. He and his wife Johanna met in Berlin, where they were working in the same restaurants. Waitress and Chef – what a cliché. They joined the family business in 2017.

“At The LivingRoom, our ambition is to showcase Durban’s culinary diversity at an Internationally recognized level. We believe, Durban needs a true representative of its beautiful culinary heritage.

The aim has always been to come back home and start a venture that instills Durban and its next generation with pride in that we can offer one of the countries best restaurants by doing what we do best: being ourselves!

We have started this journey with humble beginnings two years ago and have organically grown into the best restaurant in KwaZulu Natal, the only restaurant in this province that has been awarded the prestigious prize of being in the Top 20 Mercedes Benz Eat Out Awards 2019 (coming in at number 13 in the Country).

No. 13 by the Eat Out Guide

Whether you’re looking for a discreet venue for a romantic evening for 2 or whether your looking for the perfect place to meet with colleagues or customers, our LivingRoom experience is an ideal companion.

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